Our Sanitary, Heating & Plumbing businesses help plumbers, installers and their customers to get exactly what they need.

Our Sanitary, Heating & Plumbing business (SHAP) supplies sanitary-ware and technical installation materials to plumbers and heating technicians and represents 25% of net revenue.

Our SHAP businesses distribute products such as sanitary-ware, heating installation, renewable energy solutions, plumbing and technical installation materials as well as ventilation systems. The SHAP business operates under brands in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

  • In belgium

    SLS Group with companies Sax, Lambrechts, Schrauwen

  • in germany

    Paulsen Gruppe with companies Andreas Paulsen, D.F. Liedelt, Paulsen & Eckhardt, Bergmann & Franz, DETERING GRUPPE