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BAUKING launches digital DIY platform BAU4LIFE

News release 26 May 2021

BAU4LIFE provides recipes for home and garden DYI projects introducing hobby builders to specialist trade materials

BME’s German subsidiary BAUKING launches BAU4LIFE, an independent private customer brand and digital information platform. Inspired by the concept of the booming food and cooking channels, BAU4LIFE provides do-it-yourselfers and hobby craftsmen with ‘recipes’ on home and garden projects and introduces them to specialist construction material offer.

Specialist construction materials for hobby builders
“Many hobby builders don’t know that they can buy from specialist retailers. With our BAU4LIFE-recipes, we want to change that and introduce the end customers to the specialized trade offer”, emphasize BAUKING’s Marketing Managers Markus Stein and Daniel Lortie. Particularly in the case of comprehensive, cross-trade new build and renovation projects, the specialist trade is also a good choice for private customers. They can benefit from specialist trade offers’ advantages in price, product availability, logistics and services.

BAU4LIFE range of topics is diverse, ranging from how to lay tiles to readjusting front doors, insulation, moisture protection, cleaning concrete blocks and laying paving stones, amongst others. The goal is to continuously grow the recipes pool, creating a comprehensive DIY-encyclopedia for home and garden projects. To generate the BAU4LIFE recipe content, BAUKING closely collaborates with its industrial partners.

“With BAU4LIFE, we want to extensively support our end customers in the realization of their building project by providing expertise, tips & tricks, instructions as well as product and system recommendations at a centralized platform,” Stein and Lortie explain. Thanks to step-by-step illustrations, lifehacks and the appropriate advice, the DYI recipes on are easy to follow even for beginners.

Learn more on: BAU4LIFE website.