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Health & Safety

Think first, behave safe.


We create a healthy and safe work environment supported by BME’s ‘Health and Safety Compass Program which addresses the work-related health, safety and well-being of our employees. Supported by the pay-off “Think first, behave safe”, we have a set of guidelines in our day-to-day business to minimize the risk of accidents, ill-health and related injuries.

The “Health and Safety Compass Program” approach is not about top-down instructions, it’s rather a joint effort to keep all of us healthy and safe when working at our locations and when we are underway for work. Therefore, we encourage all employees to carefully observe and speak up to colleagues when needed, raise any concerns about safety and make suggestions to improve our safety environment and performance. To stimulate safe behaviour, we have developed several supporting materials and practical tools to guide everyone to a healthy and safe work environment.


Our Health & Safety Compass program has five focus areas:

  • Employee safety
    All our colleagues are informed, educated, and trained in our safety guidelines, as part of their induction program as well as annually during employment.
  • Cleanliness and tidiness
    All working areas must be clean and organized in order to be more efficient, reduce stress for colleagues, deliver higher quality of work and reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.
  • Site safet
    All contractors, customers, visitors, and suppliers visiting our locations need to comply to our Health & Safety Guidelines. It is our duty to ensure they are well informed, educated and/or trained.
  • Workplace safety
    It is essential that within all work areas and/or workstations relevant guidelines are available and, when necessary, clearly visible.
  • Health
    We are committed to provide all employees with a healthy and comfortable work environment by identifying and correcting ergonomic risk factors. It is also by following simple rules on ergonomic work behaviour.

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