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About our Businesses

Trusted Partners - Close Proximity

Our focus

We service our customers from more than 920 locations across eight countries, where we operate under trusted, well-known local brands. Our business success is driven by our knowledgeable, professional and passionate employees. Our employees really understand the businesses of our customers and have close relationships with local communities, which makes us a trusted partner for the local contractors and installers.

Trusted partner

We fulfil our customers’ needs by helping them to deliver their projects in an easy, better, timely and more sustainable way. Our multi-specialist products and service offering helps address our customers’ complex needs for all types of projects. By providing reliable, time-critical solutions and offering value-added services, we can make a valuable difference in the way our local contractors and installers can operate their business. We understand that builders need the right materials delivered at the right time in the right place. We have designed our locations to optimize their time spend. In close collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we continue to develop and search for smart solutions to further increase efficiency across their journey, thereby paying real attention to the environmental challenges of today. Our leading scale combined with ongoing digitization efforts also make it very easy for our customers to interact with us, for instance by ordering their products online.

Close proximity

  • Having a dense branch network close to our customers alongside offering omni-channel choices, with trusted, well-known local brands.
  • Delivering building materials on time and in full, being able to fulfil last-minute demands, and having the logistical solutions to deliver onsite.
  • Understanding our customer needs and preferences, with a large range of branded and private label products underpinned by providing customers with deep product knowledge and local market insights.
  • Investing in our omni-channel proposition and providing data-driven insights to better meet customer needs.
  • Innovating to deliver new products and service offering to meet changing customer needs.
  • Offering products that have positive impact on the environment and with a limited environmental footprint.
  • Ensuring tailored financing options for customers.