Our businesses

Our leading brands operate in seven countries across Europe serving thousands of customers every day.

Our business consists of two main markets: General Builders Merchants (GBM) and Sanitary, Heating & Plumbing (SHAP). We also operate in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market which supplies products to end consumers. The majority of our business comes from the residential renovation segment of the construction market.

These markets are serviced by more than 550 locations 9,500 employees, through 21 brands in seven countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal. Our brands are predominantly #1 or #2 in each of their national markets or regions and operate with significant autonomy. Note: numbers exclude joint venture MaxMat.

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Revenue in 2019

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We deliver on our customer promise through:

  • Having a branch network close to our customers alongside omni-channel choices.
  • Delivering building materials on time and in full, being able to fulfil last-minute demands and having the logistical solutions to deliver onsite.
  • Understanding our customer needs and preferences, a large range of branded and private label products underpinned by the deep product knowledge and advising skills of our employees.
  • Ensuring tailored financing options for customers.

In general, our markets experience modest growth, have a stable competitive landscape and perform in line with the broader trends of the European building industry.

Customer Promise