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Our company exists of an eleven-member Executive Management Team led by the two-headed Board of Directors, together with five Managing Directors of the different Operating Companies and the five Group Senior Vice Presidents for Transformation, People, Operations, Strategy & Development and Digital & IT.

Board of Directors

Remco Teulings

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mark Tonkens

Group Chief Financial Officer


Désiré Jansen

Group SVP Human Resources

John Tros

Group SVP Operations

Fabian Koppert

Group SVP Strategy & Development

Thomas Langthaler

Group Chief Digital and Information Officer


Jan-Willem Dockheer

Managing Director BMN Netherlands

Andreas Strietzel

Managing Director Bauking Germany

Andreas Pawlenka

Managing Director BMS Switzerland

Frans Hartong

Managing Director STG Belgium and SHK Deutschland (a.i.)

Olivier Touchais

Managing Director BME France, BME Spain, Maxmat, BMB, BME Bouwmaten, Quester + Group ComEx