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Press release 01 June 2021

Acquisition of the Mahler Group, a general building materials and tiles distributor in Bavaria, Germany to expand presence to the South of Germany.

On 31 May, 2021 BME Group completed the acquisition of the Mahler Group, a leading general building materials and tiles distributor in Bavaria, Germany, operating 5 branches under the brands Bauwaren Mahler, Mahler Bayerische Bauwaren, Mahler Fliesen & Glasbau, and Hillari Fliesencenter. The intention to acquire the company was announced on 12 April, 2020.

BME is one of Europe’s leading building material distribution companies and active in the distribution of building materials in Germany under the brands Bauking (General Builders Merchant) as well as Paulsen Gruppe, Detering and Bergmann & Franz (all Sanitary, Heating & Plumbing merchants).

Bauking is market leader in the North of Germany, generating revenues more than €1.1 billion with 67 general building merchant locations and 51 DIY locations (operating under the ‘hagebaumarkt’ brand). With the acquisition of the Mahler Group, Bauking will expand its footprint to the South of Germany, into the region of Bavaria which is Germany’s largest economic area.

We can now officially welcome our colleagues of the Mahler Group to the BME Group and we look forward to the cooperation with the team under leadership of Mr. Mauritz, as part of our German GBM businesses led by Bauking.

Financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.