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BME Group reports continued strong profitable growth in first half year of 2022

Press release 02 September 2022

Financial results H1 2022 versus H1 2021:

  • Revenue increased by 30.4% to reach €2,675 million
  • Normalized EBITDA increased by 33.6% to €225 million
  • Normalized EBITDA margin increased from 8.2% to 8.4%

BME realised a strong first half year performance with continued revenue growth. The Group continued its profitable growth journey with an increase in normalized EBITDA by more than €55 million to €225 million, driven by revenue growth, continued delivery on strategic initiatives such as Commercial Excellence, Procurement and Organizational Efficiency as well as the contribution of the recent acquisitions in the Netherlands (Bouwcenter Nelemans), Germany (Heinrichs Fliesenmarkt) and South Western Europe (Villar MC in Spain, Mager and UMHS in France).

Remco Teulings, CEO BME Group says:

“With the support of our excellent results in the first half year, we maintain a strong focus on executing our strategic initiatives and on the successful integration of recent acquisitions to deliver the projected synergies. Additionally, we keep focused on value accretive bolt-on acquisitions. At the same time, we continue to observe carefully what is happening around us in the broader environment, particularly the impact it may have on our business coming from the well-known external factors.”