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BMS brand Gétaz-Miauton breaks ground for new wood storage hall in Bulle, Switzerland

News release 14 October 2022

In response to the booming wood market, Gétaz-Miauton, a brand of BME’s Swiss subsidiary BMS, laid the foundation stone for a wood storage hall in Bulle, Switzerland. The 12,000 sqm facility will be built in collaboration with real estate services provider Swissroc Group and is scheduled to be delivered in August 2023. With the new storage unit in Bulle, Gétaz-Miauton aims to increase its efficiency in distributing wood to its clients.

As wood has a lower carbon footprint than steel or concrete, it has become increasingly popular in building construction. New fire safety standards have accelerated this trend over the past five years. But the wood market is heavily exposed to international supply and the related price fluctuations. To reduce the risk of shortages, Gétaz-Miauton prioritizes local resources and a short supply chain. The new warehouse in Bulle not only contributes to better material availability but will also improves Gétaz-Miauton’s logistics. In addition to the storage hall, the facility will also include a new cutting and drilling area, offering a complete service for semi-finished products.

While the trend in Europe and Switzerland is going in the directions of standardized and raw construction materials, Gétaz-Miauton is committed to offer its clients the whole product range, including finished or semi-finished products. While finished and semi-finished products represented about 15% of Gétaz-Miauton’s turnover 10 years ago, they now account for nearly 30%. Going forward, Gétaz-Miauton expects this share to increase further as the company sees demand for customized services grow and requirements that products must meet increase. The new storage hall in Bulle is perfectly prepared to respond to the changing needs of Gétaz-Miauton’s clients.