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Recycling waste is the key to circular construction materials

News release 11 November 2022

BMN participates in the Circular Plastics Alliance

As a promoter of circular construction materials, BME’s Dutch subsidiary BMN is on top of recycling processes for its plastic waste and wood leftovers. BMN also facilitates initiatives such as recycling old Velux roof windows and collecting old work clothes for reuse via GAIA Circulair.

Recycling waste is the key to circular construction materials. BMN is dedicated to not only promote such materials but also actively contributing to it by recycling its own waste. Regarding plastic waste, BMN already is recycling the packaging material from its suppliers to create new packaging film with a high percentage of recycled materials. In addition, BMN is currently piloting customer return of its own plastic waste. In July 2022, BMN has become a member of Circular Plastics Alliance, an initiative by the European Commission, to further map the circular course of its plastic waste.

Next to plastics, BMN has also taken several other waste recycling initiatives. The company sends its wood waste to Unilin, an insulation producer that manufactures chipboards from recycled materials. From Unilin, BMN buys chipboards made by waste wood only. Moreover, customers can return old Velux roof windows to BMN which will be dismantled into separate material streams for reuse. BMN also collects old work clothes and offer them for recycling at GAIA Circulair.

You can watch the explanatory video on BMN and Circular Plastics Alliance here (in Dutch).