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BME Bouwmaten has reduced fleet’s CO2 emissions by 17% and aims for fully electric fleet by 2025

News release 23 November 2022

BME Bouwmaten’s Managing Director Marco Scheffer and Bouwmaat Dordrecht’s branch manager Patrick de Groot next to electric vehicles of their growing sustainable fleet

Since 2020, BME’s Dutch subsidiary BME Bouwmaten has been replacing its fleet’s combustion engines by electric vehicles, reducing its CO2 emissions by 17% until today. The company aims to achieve an 85% electrically driven fleet by the end of this year and plans to have a fully electrical fleet by 2025. These efforts are in line with BME Group’s CO2 reduction targets and underscore the business’ commitment to a greener, healthier environment.

Electric vehicles are key to BME Bouwmaten’s ambition for a sustainable fleet. Starting with replacing combustion engines by electric vehicles in 2020, half of the company’s fleet is electric in June 2023. But BME Bouwmaten aims for more. By the end of this year, the business aims to raise its fleet’s electric share to 85% and plans to hit the 100% mark by 2025.  To achieve these goals, all our salesmen’s company vans will be replaced by electric Jeeps  in 2023. Moreover, BME Bouwmaten increases the lease budget for electric vehicles to further stimulate electric driving.

“A fully electric fleet emphasizes our dedication to ‘go green’ across our European BME companies. Compared to 2021, we have used 34% less petrol, 100% less diesel and 118% more electricity. This led to a 17% reduction our fleet’s CO2 emissions. I am very proud to contribute to the BME Group ambition.”

Marco Scheffer, Managing Director BME Bouwmaten