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BME Group releases first Sustainability Report

Press release 12 April 2023

BME Group (BME) today announced the publication of its first Sustainability Report, showcasing the company’s commitment to responsible Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) business practices.

Under the theme “Together we Build Sustainably”, the report highlights key ESG initiatives, ambitious targets and milestones over the past year that demonstrate BME’s strive and ambition to be a leading driver of sustainability in the sector. In the report, BME’s efforts are summarized around three focus areas:

  • Growing responsibly – BME explains how it’s continuous growth will be combined with reducing carbon emissions and waste and how it will act responsibly and ethically;
  • Enabling a sustainable value chain – BME shares how it teams up with suppliers who share the same values and the joint effort with suppliers and customers to improve the sustainability of buildings;
  • Securing a great, flexible and safe place to work – BME highlights how it aims to become an industry leader in terms of employee engagement, by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and having a healthy and safe work environment.

“I am very pleased to present our first Sustainability Report for BME. As one of the largest and fastest growing distributors of building products in Europe, we have the obligation to take a leading role on key ESG related topics. It is important for me to see that this is not just a report but that all elements of our ESG strategy become an integral part in the way we run our business and the way we work together with all our stakeholders and enable the transition to a more sustainable value chain. It is an ongoing journey”.

Remco Teulings, Group CEO

The full ESG Report can be downloaded here.