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Luxurious showroom ZEITGEIST for exclusive bathroom experiences opened in Berlin

Updates 08 January 2024

BME’s German sanitary and heating specialist, SHK, has launched a new luxury bathroom experience showroom at Pohlstrasse 82 in Berlin showcasing BMS’s commitment to continuous investment in innovation and excellence.

BME is pleased to introduce the new ZEITGEIST showroom in Berlin as a part of SHK Bäderwelten. ZEITGEIST features a variety of luxurious bathrooms and emphasizes individualized consultations, ensuring that each visitor receives tailored advice and design solutions that align with their personal preferences and architectural principles.

“With pride, we introduce our new showroom in Berlin, adding just another way of showcasing our beautiful products. Explore our latest offerings in a space designed for comfort and convenience, and see firsthand how we continue to uphold our commitment to quality and service.”

Frans Hartong, Managing Director SHK

This initiative aligns with BME’s broader strategy to expand its market presence and improve customer experience.