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Gétaz Miauton opens new Central Wood warehouse in Bulle, Freiburg Canton, Switzerland.

Updates 22 January 2024

On Friday, January 19th Gétaz Miauton inaugurated the completion of its new Central Wood Warehouse in Bulle Terraillet. The center is 12,000 m2 and enhances Gétaz Miauton’s efficiency in distributing wood to its clients.

The new warehouse in Bulle Teraillet, is not only designed for storage but also has a cutting and drilling area and offers a comprehensive service for semi-finished products. In addressing the challenges of the wood market, particularly in international supply and price fluctuations, Gétaz Miauton places a strategic emphasis on local resources and a short supply chain. This approach aims to mitigate the risk of shortages and ensures a reliable and stable supply for the company’s operations.

“We are very proud of this new logistics center. The new storage hall in Bulle symbolizes Gétaz Miauton’s adaptability and readiness to meet the changing needs of its clients. A big thank you to the entire organizing team and everyone who contributed to the success of this project.”