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Launch of the 2nd BME H&S Competition 2024

News release 28 April 2024

2023 - Special creativity award winner BMB/Belgium, Gierle.

BME is excited to announce the launch of the 2nd BME H&S Competition 2024 on this World Day for Safety and Health at Work! The BME H&S Competition, aimed at fostering innovative health and safety ideas, serves as a platform for employees to showcase their solutions for addressing challenges in workplace safety. Recognizing our collective responsibility to prioritize health and safety, BME underscores the importance of these values, which are deeply embedded within our culture. With this competition, BME proudly reaffirms its commitment to cultivating safe, healthy, and fulfilling work environments.

All colleagues are encouraged to send in their best solution for addressing the biggest challenges in the workplace. Whether through the development of cutting-edge technologies, implementation of robust protocols, or promotion of a culture of mindfulness and prevention, all submissions are welcome.

The competition reflects BME’s belief in the collective power of creativity and ingenuity to drive meaningful change. By using the ideas generated through this initiative, BME aims to catalyse advancements in workplace safety, ultimately creating a safer and healthier future for all employees and visitors to our sites.

The significance of this competition extends beyond mere awards or recognition; it represents a commitment to making tangible steps towards improved safety practices.

“Safety is not just a priority, it’s our way of life. This competition isn’t just about winning prizes. It’s about making real change and ensuring our workplace is safer for everyone. The ideas presented have the potential to save lives, prevent accidents, and mitigate risks, leaving a lasting impact on workplace safety across all BME sites.”

Mick Breet, Group Director of Health, Safety, and Environment