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BMB Bouwmaterialen’s new site in Antwerpen facilitates eco-friendly delivery via the Scheldt River

News release 09 November 2021

BMB Bouwmaterialen’s new distribution centre and supply store is located directly at the dock in Antwerp

BME’s Belgian subsidiary BMB Bouwmaterialen has opened a brand-new distribution center and store facility in the center of Antwerp, Belgium, where local contractors can find all their construction materials and professional equipment. Thanks to its unique location on the Scheldt River dock, construction materials will be delivered as much as possible via water transport. This way, BMB Bouwmaterialen can keep 1000 heavy trucks per year off the roads of Antwerp.

BMB Bouwmaterialen’s new facility in Antwerpen consists of a 4200 sqm warehouse and a store of almost 1000 sqm, designed for efficient and timely delivery of construction materials to customers across the region. The new facility features an extensive product offering and vast inventory of construction materials. This enables BMB Bouwmaterialen to serve the diverse needs of its customers, ranging from small-scale home builders to large-scale commercial construction projects.

Ecological and responsible

With its strategic location near the Scheldt River, BMB Bouwmaterialen can offer direct delivery of construction materials by barge, which will greatly reduce transportation costs and emissions compared to traditional road transport. “We are very excited to open our new facility in Antwerp, which will allow us to offer direct delivery of construction materials through the Scheldt River, providing an innovative and eco-friendly solution for our customers,” BMB Bouwmaterialen’s CEO Jef Huet said.

Moreover, the new site itself is a nearly energy-neutral building, thanks to additional insulation and solar panels. The facility maximally reuses rainwater and provides charging points and a fossil-free heating pump.

Expansion plans

According to Huet, the new site in Antwerp is a “pilot project” for potential further expansion in Belgium. “We are also looking at water-bound opportunities in other Belgian cities. In Belgium, water-bound locations really make a huge difference on many levels,” Huet explains. With the Antwerp facility, BMB Bouwmaterialen will be able to further improve its services, offering innovative solutions to the construction industry.

The company is part of BME | Building Materials Europe, a European building material distributor with fierce growth ambitions. With branches in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg and several Dutch cities, BME is specialized in inner-city distribution. The opening of the new branch in the city of Antwerp is therefore an important step in BME’s growth strategy and BMB Bouwmaterialen’s aim to expand its operations in Belgium and the surrounding areas.

You can read BMB Bouwmaterialen’s original press release here.