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BMB Bouwmaterialen collaborates with Oovelo to deliver contractors’ last-minute orders by bike

News release 20 April 2022

BMB Bouwmaterialen’s bike delivery service for building materials up to 100kg saves contractors time and money

Bicycle couriers not only deliver small packages and meals in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks to the collaboration of BME’s Belgian subsidiary BMB Bouwmaterialen and Oovelo, last minute-orders for building materials can now be delivered to the contractors’ site by bike too. This free-of-charge service saves contractors valuable time and reduces their many daily trips to BMB Bouwmaterialen’s store in the city centre.

Contractors often drive back and forth to pick up small and medium-sized material they are suddenly short of on site. With the bike delivery service, contractors who order before 11.45 a.m. can have up to 100 kg of materials delivered to the site by bicycle on the same day.

“This is a win-win situation. Our customers no longer lose precious time because they no longer have to drive back and forth in the middle of the day. Thanks to our bike delivery services, there is less van traffic and pollution in Antwerp’s city center.”

Nick Van Den Bosch, Commercial Manager of BMB Bouwmaterialen.

In November 2021, BMB Bouwmaterialen opened its new site , located a stone’s throw from the city center in Antwerp South at the dock on the Schelde River. Thanks to the river access, BMB Bouwmaterialen can deliver construction materials by barge, keeping up to 1000 trucks a year off Antwerp’s roads. The new bike delivery offering further greens BMB Bouwmaterialen’s logistics chain.

You can read BMB Bouwmaterialen’s original press release here.