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Raab Karcher makes fleet more sustainable and educates customers and employees on circular construction

News release 29 June 2022

BMN and Raab Karcher take first step in using sustainable fuel

In 2022, Raab Karcher, a brand of BME’s Dutch subsidiary BMN, has achieved two milestones contributing to a greener environment: A considerable amount of its truck fleet in Vriezenveen uses renewable fuel HVO100 and about 1500 of Raab Karcher’s customers followed a Greenworks Academy training on circular construction.

Since July 2022, BMN, a Dutch leading building material supplier, daily uses HVO100 instead of petrol to fuel 18 trucks and 2 vans of its subsidiary Raab Karcher’s fleet in Vriezenveen, the Netherlands. HVO100 is a renewable fuel, consisting of 100% hydrotreated vegetable oil that is suitable for almost all diesel engines. HVO100 fuel reduces consumption by 10%, cuts CO2 emissions by 89%, and produces 34% less particulate matter and 37% less nitrogen than petrol.

HVO100’s advantages are pivot as BMN’s fleet is the company’s biggest emission contributor. The currently 18 trucks fueled by HVO100 generate a 30% CO2 reduction of Raab Karcher’s total fleet of 60 trucks.

You can watch Raab Karcher’s explanatory video on renewable fuel here (in Dutch).

Training customers and employees on circular an sustainable construction materials
2022 was a successful year for Greenworks, Raab Karcher’s initiative for education in circular and sustainable construction materials. During the year, 150 of Raab Karcher’s employees followed a Greenworks Academy training. Moreover, 1500 of Raab Karcher’s customers participated the Greenworks Academy and 350 customers participated at one of the Greenworks Academy On Tour events at Raab Karcher’s local branches.

150 employees have been trained by the Greenworks Academy during 2022

The Greenworks Academy supports Raab Karcher’s customers in the tendering process, training them on how to make the most sustainable choices while complying with regulations and the wishes of the costumer. The academy updates participants on the latest trends in sustainable construction and educates them on topics such as circular and biobased materials, energy-neutral renovation or prefab solutions. In 2023, Greenworks will also be introduced to BMN customers.