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BME Group recognizes outstanding achievements with five People Value Awards

News release 16 May 2023

Fabian Köesters, one of the winners, proudly receives his Win Together People Value award.

For the 3rd time, BME Group awarded five colleagues for their outstanding work, showcasing the company’s core values Dare, Care, Do It, Be Real and Win Together. These five People Value Awards for 2023 and a special Lifetime Award were handed out during the BME Leadership Conference last May. The awards represent BME Group’s strong commitment to its values and people.

BME Group has handed out its People Value Awards 2023 and a Lifetime Award during the company’s Leadership Conference in May. The People Value Awards annually recognize and celebrate the people that stood out in terms of showcasing BME’s values while with the Lifetime Award, an honor is awarded for an exceptional and outstanding career performance within BME.

The winners for the 2023 edition of the People Value Awards are:
Dare: Enric Llorach, Manager Strategy & Development and Transformation at BME Spain
Care: Xavier Ettori, Director Finance at BME France
Do it: Stephan Baan, Director Strategic Program at BMN Netherlands
Be Real: Marina Slinkman, Director Talent Acquisition & Management at BME Group
Win Together: Fabian Köesters, Director Strategic Program at Bauking Germany

Jan Boon – Managing Director at BMN Netherlands – received the Lifetime Award for his outstanding strategic vision, entrepreneurship, dedication and commitment during the past 9 years.

At the beginning of this year, BME Group’s Extended Executive Management Team (EEMT) nominated candidates and their achievements. From this pool, the Executive Management Team (EMT) selected the winners after carefully reviewing the candidates’ performances and achievements in detail.

“We are proud to recognize and celebrate these exceptional people for their outstanding work, showcasing our values. It is a privilege to have such great people and passionate colleagues on board. The awards don’t only show the company’s commitment to our values but also to our most important assets, our people.”

Remco Teulings, Group CEO

“The value awards are an integral part of our people strategy. We aim to continuously recognize our peoples’ efforts in the way they work, showcasing our values throughout the year. Big changes begin in the small day-to-day activities and mainly in the way we do things.”

Désiré Jansen, Group SVP Human Resources