Our strategy

We have a clear and focused strategy to drive operational excellence across our businesses.

We do this by putting the customer at the centre of everything we do and always keeping our suppliers and our people top of mind. This triangle is core to any distribution business and as such, we have defined hard and specific “promises” to each of these stakeholder groups. 

What supports our strategy is our focus on key value drivers in order to improve our businesses, all within a defined framework of six pillars which are all highly relevant to each of our businesses. 

On top of the six pillars – all of which should secure an organic profitable growth – we have added a “Focused Growth” pillar, to complement the organic growth part.

The goal of our strategy, Together We Build, is to make it really easy for our customers to do business with us. This will deliver value for all our key stakeholders: our customers, our suppliers, our people and ultimately, our shareholders.

Strategy underpinned by ‘six pillars’ and focussed growth

Commercial excellence

Commercial Excellence initiatives aim to design and deliver commercial best practices that maximize profitable revenue and enhance our competitive advantage. These initiatives are mainly relating to Pricing, Sales Force Effectiveness, Assortment Harmonization and Private Label development.


Digitalization initiatives will create a harmonized, robust and scalable IT-infrastructure with the aspiration to deliver best-in-class omni-channel experiences to optimize our customer journey and to improve efficiency. These initiatives are mainly related to harmonizing our ERP systems and implementing Best-of-Breed digital solutions supporting the other strategic pillars.


Procurement initiatives optimize cost-effective sourcing of product and non-product related spend across our Operating Companies by leveraging the scale of our Group. 

Supply chain

Supply Chain initiatives enable cost-effective delivery, reducing inventory levels and developing service delivery centric business opportunities. These initiatives mainly relate to the optimization of our (central) warehousing, transportation/fleet and inventory. 

Format, footprint, and real estate

Format, Footprint and Real Estate initiatives focus on optimizing our existing branch network, opening of new greenfield branches, innovating on formats adapted to changing customer needs and lastly, on optimizing our real estate portfolio.

Organisational efficiency

Organizational Efficiency initiatives aim to streamline the organization and its processes while increasing the capabilities of our Operating Companies to deliver products and services efficiently. These initiatives mainly relate to optimizing our back-office processes.

Focused growth

Focused Growth represents our ambition to make targeted acquisitions to complement and strengthen our market position and businesses across our key geographies.