By segment

We operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal where we aim to build on our leading market positions. We manage our business in 3 segments.

BME in Austria

GBM: Quester

BME in Belgium

GBM: BMB Bouwmaterialen

BME in France

GBM: Busca | Raboni

BME in Germany

GBM: Bauking | Mahler
SHAP: SHK Gruppe
DIY: Hagebau

BME in The Netherlands

GBM: BMN Bouwmaterialen, Bouwmaat

BME in Portugal

DIY: Maxmat

BME in Spain

GBM: BMV Grupo with companies Isolana | La Especialista | Isopractic | La Instaladora

BME in Switzerland

GBM: BMS Group with companies Baubedarf | Gétaz | Richner | Miauton | Reguscireco

Business Segment Netherlands & Belgium

Business Segment Germany & Austria

Business Segment South Western Europe